Patient Video Testimonials

Our lovely patient endorses Dr. Bose's bedside manner!

Our sweet and resilient patient with GCA really endorses Dr. Bose!

Our sweet patient with Lupus loves Dr. Bose!

Our wonderful patient with PMR has full confidence in Dr. Bose.

Our awesome patient with lupus loves Dr. Bose- and she loves the staff at Lonestar Rheumatology too!

Watch this remarkable success story of our patient with RA and her confidence in Dr. Bose!

Watch this amazing story of our patient with lupus (SLE) and why she recommends Dr. Bose

Our lovely patient with arthritis shares her thoughts about Dr. Bose

A wonderful patient with connective tissue disease shares her positive experience with Dr. Bose.

Our sweet patient with arthritis and osteoporosis shares why she adores Dr. Bose!

Watch this adorable couple as they explain what they love about Dr. Bose!

Our patient drives a long way to get care from Dr. Bose!

This patient with RA really likes Dr. Bose!

Our patient has been a patient of Dr. Bose for 7 years! She has a remarkable story..

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