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Zeandra Mathura

Dr. Bose has a new office of her own! The other side of town. Easy drive, to Memorial Southeast Medical Plaza 2 on Astoria Blvd. Parking is free, and there were many spots for an early morning appointment. Suite #355 was clearly marked and easy to find. I got to see Dr Bose with zero wait time! And as usual, she was extremely thorough, very attentive, pleasant personality, brilliant in her diagnosis and advice/recommendations. She is vibrant, enthusiastic about her practice and passionate about knowing and understanding each patient. I feel confident that I am receiving the best advice tailored to my situation. She pays attention to detail, and every question or concern is addressed. A big plus with the new office and computer system, is the ability to communicate through several means, texting being the most attractive. Televisits are also available.

About the office itself, the decor, colors, choice of paintings, seating and interestingly placed, cute succulents create a calming aura. The WiFi is strong, if needed. Dr Bose is very easy to communicate with, I highly recommend her.

Ami Kennedy

I am so excited to be a patient at the new office. Dr Bose is a great rheumatologist who listens and develops a treatment plan with the patients input. She also keeps a line of communication open when there are needs or questions. I was thrilled to see Martha in the office, she brings a world of experience navigating all the insurance! Touring the new office also included the infusion room. It is large and airy with lots of windows and new massage chairs. If you have to take infusions, this is the way to go. Definitely a positive experience.

Donald Alexander

Dr. Bose has been a true blessing since I was introduced to her practice over two years ago. At the first appointment I was impressed with her personal connection with me as a pain-ridden patient who needed compassion, understanding, and a talented advocate.

Dr Bose has proved herself to be all of the above, and more. The results she has skillfully produced on my behalf are a testament to the true combination of abilities and character that have become central to my ability to overcome my limitations to enjoy my daily activities as a retired senior.

May God’s blessings continue to follow Dr Bose and LoneStar Rheumatology as they purpose to serve those of us who are seeking a greater quality of life from the ravages of arthritis.

Phyllis Eaddy

I was a patient of Dr. Bose at her previous office in Pearland. I have followed her to her new office even though I have to travel a further distance because she is such a good doctor. She is very personable, caring, and knowledgeable and encourages a patient's input in their health regimen. She is a GREAT doctor!

Noella Violet

Current patient of Lonestar Rheumatology & I highly recommend Dr. Nilanjana Bose & her staff. Dr. Bose is very knowledgeable & professional & has been my doctor for several years.

Tochi Ajiwe

Doctors are often the worst patients likely because of our schedules and our perceived knowledge. Dr. Bose was so understanding and knowledgeable about my condition and is one of the nicest physicians I’ve ever met. She’s also a boss running her own practice and I’m always going to support physicians running their own practices. You’re the best Dr. Bose!!

Raven Raye

Love this office. Dr Bose and her staff are always cheerful and don't mind answering questions. Dr Bose listens and gives useful suggestions. I like having a Rheumatologist who actually listens. And I love the new office!

Alice Roach

Dr. Bose is thorough and kind. I highly recommend her. She takes the time to listen to you and supports holistic treatments.

Kenneth and Shawna Lee Booker

I highly recommend Lonestar Rheumatology. From check in to checkout, and everything in between Dr. Bose and her staff were courteous, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure I had a pleasant patient experience.
Dr. Bose took the time to listen to my concerns and never made me feel rushed. She gave me alternative options of health and lifestyle changes instead of just going straight to the prescription pad.
This was my most pleasant experience in patient care. A big thankyou to Dr. Bose and her staff for making me feel so special and cared for.

Thanima Siatragul

Dr. Bose is very nice and very helpful. For my experienced, she is the best doctor. I followed her from her old place even though this place is very far from my house but I still want to keep coming to visit har as my Rheumatologist doctor to treat my osteoporosis problem. I am highly recommend her to everyone.

Poised nosologist

I have been trying to find a rheumatologist that I can establish a treatment plan with for years. My PCP referred me to Dr. Bose and I'm so glad he did. I have recceived care and treatment at some of the top rated hospitals in NYC and none can compare to Dr Bose. She really cares, she is realistic, her bedside manner is amazing, above and beyond! The staff is so nice and the communication is top notch. I have been lost to follow up and discouraged dealing with a chronic disease, not with Dr. Bose and her staff at Lonestar Rheumatology. They text you, email you and Dr. Bose encourages communication for any questions or needs. Thank you Dr. Bose!

Jamie V

In 9 years I have been through many rheumatologist. It is extremely difficult to find a knowledgeable rheumatologist who keeps their knowledge up to date. I have small fiber neuropathy from autoimmune disorder and Dr. Bose is the ONLY rheumatologist who knew what it was and how it could be treated. On top of that she is also very kind and listens. If you need to see other specialist due to your autoimmune disorder she also works well with other physicians. My previous rheumatologist would not listen to other physicians recommendations. I really can not recommend Dr. Bose highly enough

Lisa Jackson

In 2021 I chose Dr. Bose based on other patient reviews and I am so happy I did. She is so caring and so very patient. My condition was surprising news to me. She takes all the time you need to discuss and answer your questions and address your concerns. She is one of the best physicians that you can put your trust in. That is hard to find.

C Nelson

I was very pleased with the efficiency and courtesy extended toward me upon my arrival at the Clinic.The Receptionist was professional but it was her calming spirit that erased my nervousness and anxiety toward a 1st time visit. I was even more impressed with Dr Bose and how she patiently listened to me and acknowledged that my health problem was just as important to her and she would work with me as a Team in providing the best care to resolve the problem and get me back to optimum health. I am looking forward to establishing a long term relationship of healing and prevention with Dr Bose and her staff.

M Lyles

My first encounter with Dr Bose was actually outside of the office. You see I was at work during a ra flare and I didn't know she was a doctor let alone an awesome rheumatologist! She introduced herself and showed such concern and compassion I immediately scheduled an appointment with her. Dr Bose is very knowledgeable and understanding. Its always a pleasure speaking to her at every appointment. She has produced a successful medical plan for my moderate rheumatoid arthritis and offers holistic advice as well. Would definitely recommend her!

Susan Knight

My husband has been a patient of Dr Bose since 2018. We are extremely pleased with her medical expertise and the care she has provided. We trust her. She explains everything very well, and she responds quickly when we have concerns or questions. We highly recommend her!

Linda Winegeart

The doctor explained our plan of care and she Is very up to date on my disease process. I would recommend any patients needing this service , let Dr Bose take care of of youx

Deborah Reyes

Dr. Bose is an amazing doctor! She is caring and knowledgeable. The appointments are never rushed and she answers all questions.

Connie Eccles

Dr. Bose is the most amazing, most compassionate doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She takes the time to not only sit down and ask about the way you are feeling but also to explain your illness in detail and make sure you understand how best to not only live with it, but live better. She truly cares about her patients and has a wonderful bedside manner. I can’t say enough positive things about her. You will truly not regret choosing her as your treating physician. She is in my opinion the best rheumatologist in this part of the country.

Ruby Huff

I love coming in to see Dr. Bose. I feel that I am respected and in good hands. She listens and gives me information I need. I will continue with her as needed.

Gloria Holley

I've been seeing doctor Bose now for approximately 3 years and I must say she's a terrific doctor! I've been to several doctors in the past Regarding my RA symptoms. she's help me with the pain and I don't have as many flare ups like before. Dr.Bose is very attentive and patient, She takes the time to explain everything that's going on with you. Thank you!